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The Reflections EP on CD is now available here!

No one listens to CD’s anymore as Spotify is so easy, we know that but we have one nevertheless. Pre-order your copy at:
and you will be “crowd-funding” the recording of our second EP! We already have the material, so help us get that on Spotify too!
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Try out our new merch! The “stolen merch” from The Hat is a hot trend this summer – light wear will keep you cool and the print will add the brave and stunning looks. Wear it with pride – it is a sign that you are a true rebel and have sophisticated taste in music. 😉

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We are Björn Rautio, Andreas Ekberg and Allen D. King. Although we began playing together in the autumn of 2017, The Hat was born in the spring of 2018. Our music combines elements of country, folk, blues, jazz and rock. With the emphasis of different styles in different songs. The interplay between the innovative bass of Andreas, the pioneering beat of Björn’s drums and the sensitive rhythm of Allen’s guitar indulges music lovers with a great range of variety and musicality.

Bursting with memorable melodies and intriguing lyrics inspired by our experience of the world,  our first EP – the Reflections collection, is an equilibrium melting pot of ideas for the open minded, from the Sub-Arctic far north of Europe.

“Fuck yeah - right on the money… world class drum and bass… cool lyrics”
Pelle Henricsson
Butterfly Road Production

We recorded Reflections at the Tonteknik studio in Umeå Sweden in the autumn of 2019. Pelle Henricsson produced it together with Björn for our record label Butterfly Road Production. Nice to meet you “virtually” at least, please introduce us to your friends and see you on Spotify and our summer tour!


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