The Hat is an ongoing music project which is constantly evolving and changing while Allen D. King is collaborating with various artists. The only constant in The Hat is Allen D. King and his distinct melodies and intriguing lyrics inspired by people he encounters and places he experiences.




Rain is an equilibrium melting pot of ideas for the open minded. Written by Allen D. King, Rain is crafted together with Thomas Hellström and Pelle Henricsson; the full time bassist and drummer of TAP‘n P; an Umeå band.

Pete Brown

Pete Brown is a single bouncing with the energy of an intense holiday romance. Recorded and produced at Ton- teknik studio in Umeå Sweden in the autumn of 2020.

Reflections EP

The eclectic music with elements of country, folk, blues, jazz and rock where the emphasis on different styles varies from song to song.

Reflections CD

No one listens to CD’s anymore as Spotify is so easy, we know that but we have one nevertheless. Order your copy at: And thank you for supporting The Hat - you are great!


The original fusion of elements from country, folk and blues to jazz and rock, with the emphasis on different styles in different songs, is a product of Allen’s collaboration with various musicians all over Sweden. The collaborations are stretching from EP Reflections and single Pete Brown, with drummer Björn Rautio and bassist Andreas Ekberg from Luleå, to the collab on new singles, like Rain, with bassist Thomas Hellström and drummer Pelle Henricsson from Umeå band TAP’n P. 
With more songs and collaborations to come, stay tuned on The Hat channels, to follow the process of the evolution of The Hat.

“Fuck yeah - right on the money … cool lyrics”

Reflections EP, singles Pete Brown and Rain were recorded at the Tonteknik studio in Umeå, Sweden for the record label Butterfly Road Production. Please introduce us to your friends and see you on Spotify!

Stolen from the hat


The “stolen merch” from The Hat will give a nice wake up call in the morning with a tea or coffee mug and the t-shirt will add the brave and stunning looks to your day. Use it with pride – it is a sign that you are a true rebel and have sophisticated taste in music. 😉

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